SCALA donates sleeping bags for the homeless in Berlin, Frankfurt am Main and Cologne

05.12.2019 – Each fall, planning begins for the creation and mailing of the annual Christmas wishes to our valued clients…quite an extensive process: Recipient lists are created and reviewed, designs for the Christmas cards are prepared by the SCALA team, the card is created by a professional graphic designer, reviewed and then submitted to the printer. Finally, after completion and receipt, the Christmas cards are supplemented with handwritten and personalized Christmas greetings, bagged and posted for mailing. And this year after year, for over 16 years…

That was great, unique and expressed our appreciation to our clients. Nevertheless, from this year on this is an end.

The management of SCALA has decided to use the money for the annual Christmas card campaign in a more meaningful way and to donate a total of 42 high-quality sleeping bags and insulation mats for the homeless at the primary SCALA locations in Berlin, Frankfurt am Main and Cologne.

It all started on November 5 in Berlin. Markus Geißler, Managing Partner of SCALA, took the opportunity to personally hand over 14 sleeping bags together with one of our consultants, Julia Nalewaja, at the Railway Mission in Berlin.

We continued on November 28 in Frankfurt am Main, where our consultants Michael Selbmann and Jan Bambach were also handing over 14 sleeping bags to the head of the Railway Mission.

This year’s fundraising campaign was completed on December 5 at the Gulliver Survival Center near the Cologne train station when Markus Oliver Weiss, Managing Partner, and our Office Manager Natalie Niksic handed over the last set of 14 sleeping bags with insulation mats to the head of the station.

At all three locations we got to know very warm-hearted and committed people who ensure every day that homeless people have a warm place to stay with food, sleeping places, shower and washing facilities for at least a few hours a day. Most of them are homeless themselves or support the respective organization on a voluntary basis. Very impressive!

We are pleased that our “sleeping bag” campaign was taken so positively by all organizations and that we could contribute at least a small part to helping some homeless people to get through the cold winter better this year. Certainly, this is only a beginning and there is still a lot to do, also at other locations such as Bonn, where also sleeping bags and other donations ar urgently needed.

Besides sleeping bags in winter, donations in the form of underwear (men’s boxer shorts, women’s underpants), socks, T-shirts, shoes, jackets and backpacks are needed throughout the year. We think that there is enough donation potential for companies of any size, but also for private individuals. Every donation is welcome, no matter how small.

We will definitely continue this initiative next year.